Reviewing Policy

I blog and review for fun, and to link up with and support authors and other bloggers only. There is no particular rhyme or reason to the way I do it, no formula and I can’t promise to follow all the ‘rules’ if there are any. I am happy to work with authors, publishers and blog tour organizers, but would ask that all initial contact is made via my contact page on the blog, and not via social media.
All reviews are an honest reflection of my own opinions. I will always try to be constructive, but will not post an entirely negative review.
If you would like me to consider a book for review, please include the following details when you make contact, as I will only come back to ask these questions if you don’t:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Genre
  • Publisher
  • Page Count
  • Publication Date
  • Blurb

I will accept paperbacks, hardbacks, or any format that can be read on Kindle.
My reviews are absolutely free; I do not ask for or receive any payment for them from any party. Where links are included in my posts, they are for ease of reference, not for profit on my part.
Love to Read offers five units of rating, with five being the best making it’s way down to one, which to be honest I have yet to encounter as I tend to only select/accept books I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy reading in the first place!
Occasionally, a truly magical book will come along and exceed all my expectations resulting in this system going right out the window! But for now, here goes:

5/5 – I LOVE it, can’t fault it, go buy it!
4/5 – I really like it. Happy to recommend.
3/5 – I like it, but it’s missing that ‘spark’ for me.
2/5 – It’s okay, just not a firm favorite.
1/5 – Sorry, it’s just not up my street.

As I prefer to feature books on this site that are ‘right up my street’, any book I would rate below 3/5 (in my humble opinion) will not make a review appearance on the blog.
Same goes for DNF (do not finish), although this is very, very rare. In the unlikely event this does occur I will politely, and discreetly, inform the publisher / author of my decision to stop reading.

My reviews appear on this blog, Amazon US , Goodreads, and NetGalley if applicable.

Any questions, please feel free to get in touch
Best wishes,