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Title:  Cheerleading Can Be Murder

Author:  Carissa Ann Lynch

Date of Publication:  April 5, 2016

Publisher:  Limitless Publishing LLC

Format:  e-book

Print Length:  226

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Cheerleading Can Be Murder (Horror High Series Book 1)

Getting on the cheerleading squad is hard enough without a psycho on the loose…

For Harrow High freshman Dakota Densford, life should be easy. All she has to worry about is talking to cute boys and remembering her locker combination. But when cheerleading tryouts draw near, she learns the cards are stacked against her—spots on the varsity team are limited. Dakota faces her competition head-on, but when her life is threatened, that takes the competition to a whole new level.

High school is never easy, and freshman year is off to a rough start…

Between Dakota’s uniform being ripped up and masked vandals trashing another girl’s house, everyone is suspect. To complicate matters further, Dakota has a thing for Andy McGraw, but she finds him locking lips with another girl.

The harassment continues, and when Dakota finds suspicious flyers inside her best friend’s locker, she doesn’t know what to think. The principal’s unfeeling, overachiever daughter, Brittani Barlow, will do anything to secure her place on the team. But Dakota’s neighbor, on the other hand, definitely fits the profile of a sociopath.

Cheerleading has become a game of life and death.



About Carissa Ann Lynch

Carissa Ann Lynch is the USA TODAY Bestselling author of My Sister is Missing, Without a Trace, the Flocksdale Files trilogy, Horror High series, Searching for Sullivan, 13 anthology, Twisted anthology, Shades and Shadows, Midinight Moss, and This Is Not About Love. She resides in Floyds Knobs, Indiana.

🌺 My Thoughts 🌺

I have heard and seen people talking about this author and some of her books.  The one book that I seen a lot talking about was With Out A Trace.  I went on to my Kindle Unlimited and didn’t see that one to read for free but seen  Cheerleading Can Be Murder, so I thought why not give it a try.  This book was a great read and kept me interested in the story line and there were times that I had to make myself put the book down.

The book opens with a graphic passage and a great hook (a psychopathic teenager ready to kill) that will stick with you. Thoughts of how death smells mean you may never think of meat without thinking of bodies again.

Cheerleading Can Be Murder is a little different in that the story is set in a high school environment with characters that lead a typical high school life- until someone starts terrorizing the newly-formed cheerleading squad. The writing is so intricate with hints sprinkled in to keep you guessing. I seriously had no less than 3 suspects in my mind at any given time- and those 3 revolved and changed repeatedly throughout the book.

I love a story that can keep me guessing and this author never fails me in that regard. The Sociopath could have been anyone and I would have believed it. That’s how great this story is. I am very eagerly anticipating the next book!!

🌼If you are looking for a great Sociopath read, this one is for you.  I recommend this and I am giving it 5 stars.

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