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🌼Well here, it is Tuesday, and July is flying by and in two days it will be August.  Hope you all are having a great Tuesday.  So what is everyone reading?  I have started the Spilled Milk by: K. L. Randis.  (You Can Purchase it HERE)  So far it’s very interesting and I want to sit and read it, but I must work.

I had posted a few post back about the Goodreads 2019Book challenge, I have hit my fifty books for the year.  My question was do you up your 2019 Book Challenge; or do you just keep reading for the year and see how many books you read past your goal?  I have decided to leave mine at the 50 and see how far I go past it and next year I will up it more.

I am also working on my reviews for the past books that I have read.  I hope to have those ready later this week.  Until my next blog post I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and a great week.


Happy Reading everyone!




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