The Unlikeliest Back Packer By: Kathryn Barnes



You reach a certain age. You have a lifestyle many would envy. Still, something doesn’t feel right. Life has become routine. You sense there is more out there to experience and explore with an urge gnawing away inside to do something different. But what? Before you know it, plans have snowballed – you’ve quit your city job and flown to America to begin life living in the wilderness, walking hundreds of miles with no income. ‘The Unlikeliest Backpacker’ chronicles a British couple’s absurd journey as aspiring long-distance hikers. With Canada hundreds of miles away, they must learn to backpack and survive on the famous Pacific Crest Trail. How hard can it be? Kathryn Barnes’ entertaining memoir proves you don’t have to be special, or an experienced adventure junkie to put your life on hold, disconnecting from the modern world. Pushing personal boundaries beyond the predictability of daily routine can have surprising consequences.
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  • Paperback:320 pages
  • Publisher:Hornet Books Ltd (February 1, 2019)


 Aspiring writer, entrepreneur… adult. The one vocation Kathryn has successfully nailed so far is Daydreamer. Her varied ambitions and overall life trajectory has taken a bit of a turn of late. A born-and-bred Londoner, Kathryn is discovering there is more to life than the corporate rat race. It began with a six-month trip through South America whetting her travelling wanderlust, which led to the decision to quit her job as a management consultant.

More recently she upped the adventure ante, swapping city life for the wilderness,  on an ambitious walk hundreds of miles along America’s Pacific Crest Trail. The plan raised eyebrows from all who knew her – an uncharacteristic leap for a girl who refuses to sleep on the floor. The results were both brutal and awe-inspiring.

Kathryn has never been an ‘outdoorsy’ person. But the simple, reflective, time spent in the natural environment left a deep imprint. She still (reluctantly) resides in London, but the mountains are calling. She may even camp again. Someday.

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My Thoughts

A good read about Hiking from Northern California through to Canada.  This is not my normal style of reading, but I am opened to new read.

This book is about The Unlikeliest Backpacker describes an epic adventure. Kathryn Barnes and her husband, Conrad Nicholas, decide to abandon their one bedroom flat in London and head for the great outdoors. They plan to hike the 935 miles from northern California, through Oregon and Washington, to the Canadian border – all along the Pacific Crest Trail (a sort of path that varies in quality, and varies in altitude from sea level to 7,000 feet).

Both Kathryn and her husband endure challenges along the way and share their experience with others that they meet along the way and with the readers.  Although this not something that I would do, but I really enjoyed reading this and learning more about their adventures.  Congrats to Kathryn and her husband for completing this epic adventure and thanks for sharing your adventure with those who have read this book.

Thanks to Love Books Group, Kathryn and the publisher for the advance ARC copy of this book for an honest review.




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