The Most Anticipated Novels Out This Winter

Hello and welcome to my book corner.  Its Saturday and I hope that everyone had a great week.  As for me it was a busy work week, and now for the weekend.  I still have some decorating to do for the holidays and I need to finish my Christmas cards.  I was searching for a good book and I came across this post from Amazon about the Most anticipated read from Amazon Charts.   So I thought I would share it with you all.

Cozy up with winter’s most essential reads, according to Amazon Charts pre-order data

Much of the country is already pulling out the hats and scarves, and the long, dark days have gotten plenty of readers in the mood to settle in with a good book. Based on pre-orders of print, audio, and Kindle eBook editions, these are the eight most anticipated reads in fiction this winter.

People seem to be eager for a little suspense, but in addition to new mysteries, you’ll find a young adult fantasy novel that picks up where the best-selling first book left off and a charming story of a little bookshop in Paris.

It’s a great time to hunker down in a cozy spot with a book or two to make the cold winter days a little brighter.

by Seira Wilson


Cold Heart Creek

A young couple is found dead at their campsite, holding hands, and at first look it seems to have been an accident. But when Detective Josie Quinn arrives on the scene, she makes a gruesome discovery — a crude pendant has been forced into the throat of one of the victims. Digging into their lives, Quinn comes across a chilling photograph that leads her to another victim and another pendant. Her own life is in emotional turmoil, but Quinn is determined to find the killer before he strikes again. The seventh book in this popular thriller series releases on December 2, 2019.

Cold Heart Creek by Lisa Regan




Children of Virtue and Vengeance

Tomi Adeyemi’s debut novel, Children of Blood and Bone, exploded onto best-seller lists last year, as her bold world-building and diverse characters brought a fresh and original voice to young adult fantasy. The book has also gained a large adult following as well. It was selected as the first book of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show summer reads book club and won a spot on our own Amazon Editors’ Top 20 Best Books of 2018 list. Readers have been eagerly awaiting the sequel, Children of Virtue and Vengeance, and Adeyemi deftly catches readers up again without being obvious about it, something rarely done and the hallmark of an exceptional sequel. The battle for equality in a world of magic and corruption continues, and in book two things get increasingly complex and exciting. Jump back into the action, suspense, and Orisha magic on December 3, 2019.

Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi



The Little Bookshop on the Seine

What better way to spend a wintry afternoon than in a little bookshop in Paris? That’s exactly what Sarah Smith thinks when she’s offered the chance to swap stores with a Parisian friend over the holidays. With Sarah’s boyfriend, Ridge, still trotting about the globe for his job, this exchange also seems like the perfect opportunity to close the gap on their long-distance relationship. Things don’t go quite as expected in this romantic fish-out-of-water story, but with the Eiffel Tower in the background, The Little Bookshop on the Seine is another highly entertaining read from author Rebecca Raisin. Readers can join this journey of good books, a beautiful city, and finding your own happily-ever-after on January 7, 2020

The Little Bookshop on the Seine by Rebecca Raisin



Vendetta Road

In the third installment of the Torpedo Ink series, bad boy biker Isaak “Ice” Koval is taking care of business for the club when he runs across gorgeous girl-next-door Soleil, and instantly knows she’s the woman he’s been waiting for. Soleil is trying to put her life back together when she finds herself in foreign territory — a Las Vegas biker bar — and meets a dangerous man straight out of her wildest dreams. Best-selling author Christine Feehan is testing the limits in this high-octane romance releasing January 28, 2020.

Vendetta Road by Christine Feehan





Golden in Death

This is the fiftieth — yes, you read that correctly — book in J.D. Robb’s bestselling In Death series featuring New York City homicide detective Eve Dallas, and clearly readers are still eager for more. Golden in Death finds detective Dallas on the hunt for a killer who uses a deadly toxin as a murder weapon. The victim is a pediatrician who seems to have no skeletons in his closet, making it all the more difficult to figure out who would want to kill him, and why. When another victim is discovered, Dallas must dig even deeper for answers. If you’re looking for a new series to sink your teeth into this winter, this is one with a devoted following. To see where it all began, check out Naked in Death, the first book in the series. If you’re already a fan, you’ll see detective Eve Dallas back on the case on February 4, 2020.

Golden in Death by J.D. Robb



A Cold Trail

Sometimes going home is more painful than pleasant, as Seattle detective Tracy Crosswhite discovers when she returns to her hometown but can’t escape the memories of her sister’s murder and her own part in putting the killer behind bars. In A Cold Trail, Crosswhite begins investigating a recent homicide while her attorney husband, Dan, gets involved in representing a local merchant in a revitalization issue. Soon the two cases start to overlap, and the path Crosswhite is on becomes increasingly dangerous — not only for herself, but for her entire family. Find out what happens in this suspenseful new thriller from Robert Dugoni when it reaches readers on February 4, 2020.


A Cold Trail by Robert Dugoni



Chasing Cassandra

One of historical romance’s best popular authors returns with a new book in her Ravenels series, Chasing Cassandra. A powerful and wealthy railway tycoon, Tom Severin is a man used to getting what he wants, and what he wants right now is to make Lady Cassandra Ravenel his wife. But Cassandra isn’t looking for a marriage of means — what she wants is true love — so she rebuffs Severin despite her attraction to him. When Cassandra’s reputation is damaged, Severin swoops in to make her his bride, but getting what you want isn’t always what you expect. Be prepared to swoon over this sweeping new romantic novel on February 18, 2020.

Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas




The new installment of the Michael Bennett detective series, Blindside starts with a missing person but quickly leads into the shadowy underworld of hackers and homicide. The mayor’s daughter, a young computer prodigy, has disappeared, and detective Bennett thinks he may be able to help find her and help his own incarcerated son at the same time. Soon he finds himself entangled in something bigger than he imagined, involving the FBI, the NYPD, and an international crime organization. When you have two fathers desperate to help their children, lines can get blurred and risks taken that would normally be out of the question. You can join the search alongside one of best-selling author James Patterson’s most popular fictional characters on February 24, 2020.

Blindside by James Patterson and James O. Born


So what are your thoughts on these?  I would love to hear from you.  I know that there are a few on this list that I am looking to get.  I have included the link to the article if you would like to check it out.



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