Weekly Wrap Up

This week has been a crazy hectic with home life and my job.  But in the evening’s I have found time to do some reading but not nearly as much as I would have like to,  so I’m very happy to have lovely books to escape into!

I have finished one books this past week and did a cover reveal, and now on to what, I have read and the Cover Reveal….  Not My usual amount of books this week.  I hope that next week will be better.


TV wise this week I’ve been really enjoyed American Odyssey on Netflix.  I am now on the search for a new show.

It’s been a slow week on the blog this week as I’ve only posted a few times.  I hope to blog more next week.  I am planning and scheduling  some new post next week.

How has your week been? I hope you’ve had a lovely week and had time to do some reading. If you’ve shared a wrap-up post please feel free to leave your link before and I’ll make sure to visit your post.

Thanks for stopping by.

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