“Collioure Shall Always Be Collioure” about Olga Meerson, model to Henri Matisse By: Derma Drudge

What are you reading or what have you finished.  Here is my review on “Collioure Shall Always Be Collioure”

First a little about the book:

21226467This ekphrasic tale is based on the real life story of an obsessed model, Olga Meerson, and the artist, Henri Matisse who will not acknowledge his feelings for her but instead has her institutionalized. Olga Meerson, an artist in her own right, guides the reader through her life’s story with a piercing first person narrative that defies time, culminating in her tragic demise, all told from her static position as the painter’s model during the painting of Matisse’s Olga Meerson.



cropped-ireland-2013-509-1Author BIO

Drēma Drudge suffers from Stendhal’s Syndrome, the condition in which one becomes overwhelmed in the presence of great art. She attended Spalding University’s MFA in Creative Writing Program where she learned to transform that intensity into fiction.

Drēma has been writing in one capacity or another since she was nine, starting with terrible poems and graduating to melodramatic stories in junior high that her classmates passed around literature class.

She and her husband, musician and writer Barry Drudge, live in Indiana where they record their biweekly podcast, Writing All the Things, when not traveling. Her first novel, Victorine, was literally written in six countries while she and her husband wandered the globe. The pair has two grown children.

In addition to writing fiction, Drēma has served as a writing coach, freelance writer, and educator. She’s represented by literary agent Lisa Gallagher of Defiore and Company.

For more about her writing, art, and travels, please visit her website, www.dremadrudge.com, and sign up for her newsletter. She’s always happy to connect with readers in her Facebook group, The Painted Word Salon, or on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can follow Drema on Social Media:




And now for my thoughts on this:

This is an amazing short story! When I was taking classes for my Associates degree in Medical Assistant, one of my classes was Appreciation of Arts, I wasn’t sure why that class, but after doing the class I was amazed with all the Artist and paintings.  I am glad that I had to take that class, as now I understand art a little more than I did.

Reading this book was awesome and I loved learning more about the obsessed model, Olga Meerson.

Derma Drudge’s book called Victorine comes out March 20, 2020.  I am looking into buying that.  Here’s the link for more information on Derma

Debut #historicalfiction, Victorine, March ‘20. Preorder now: https://amzn.to/2QoEqXM. Newsletter http://www.dremadrudge.com. Article: http://trbr.io/QAZ6viNdremadrudge.com



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