Schoolgirl Missing By: Sue Fortin (Reviewed by Rochelle)

About Book:

The USA Today Bestselling Author
Her step-mum has a secret.
Her father in lying.

Everyone is watching.

Who do you believe?


When fourteen-year-old Poppy vanishes on a family boating trip, suspicion soon turns close to home – to the two people who should do everything to keep her safe, her parents, Kit and Neve. Can they really be responsible for their little girl’s disappearance?

Neve loves Poppy like her own daughter, but the truth is, she isn’t. And her very existence means Neve will never have a precious child to call her own. But would Neve harm her step-daughter simply to get her own way? In times like this Neve has always turned to her sister Megan to help. Megan will know what to do…

Kit would do anything to keep his family safe and happy. But his refusal to have another child has been causing a strain on his marriage. And he’s worried Neve’s mental state is growing increasingly unstable. But would he harm his own daughter just to prove he is in control?

As the frantic search for Poppy grows, Kit and Neve’s marriage is close to breaking point. And only one person can get what they want.

About Author:

Sue Fortin is an award winning USA Today and an Amazon best selling author, an international bestseller and has reached #1 in the Amazon UK Kindle chart and #3 in the US Kindle chart. Sue writes mystery, suspense and romance, sometimes combining all three.

Sue was born in Hertfordshire but had a nomadic childhood, moving often with her family, before eventually settling in West Sussex where she now lives on the south coast with her husband and family.

  • Print Length:416 pages
  • Publisher:HarperCollins (January 10, 2019)
  • Publication Date:January 10, 2019

My Review:

Thank you The Fiction Café-Review and Sue Fortin for this arc. copy

WOW WOW I loved this book, once I started I could not put it down.  The story is centred around the disappearance of Poppy who vanished on a family boat trip leaving dad Kit and step-mum Neve devastated and very worried.   Prior to this incident, we get a glimpse into the life of our family and it soon becomes evident that not all is rosy in their garden. Not at all. This family had some secrets, and their lives were not at all perfect, Neve, had a lot of secrets that had her hiding and running from.   Kit doesn’t really help matters with his flat out refusal to have a second child, which Neve knew that from the beginning.  Neve turns to her Art instructor for support.  When I thought I had gotten what was happening there were more twist and turns that kept me reading until I thought I had who had taken Poppy, but no I was wrong again, so on to find out more.  Once I figured out who did it, I was amazed with what Kit had done to cover it all up just so that he could keep his family together.   This book’s ending will have you quessing a lot …   I am looking for Sue Fortin’s other books in hopes that I can read more of her novels.  I loved this one.

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Happy reading!!!

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