Turn The Other Way By: Stuart James (Reviewed by Rochelle)

About Book:

Sometimes revenge is the deadliest game of all.
A derelict farmhouse in the Essex countryside.
A deranged family.
Innocent victims picked at random.
If you’re chosen, Turn The Other Way.
Simon Bairstow is a top London surgeon. He’s performed dozens of life-saving operations. But something goes horribly wrong. The machine Eve Johnson is attached to flatlines, and suddenly her parent’s world has collapsed.
They’re hellbent on revenge, someone to answer for the horrific error that’s been made.
Noah and Jess are driving home on a busy dual carriageway and stuck in traffic. They hear thumping coming from the back doors of the transit van in front of them. When Noah steps out onto the road, he hears muffled screams.
He opens the back doors and what he sees shocks him to the core.
The van pulls off, spilling Noah onto the road.
Ignoring his wife’s plea to leave it, he hits the accelerator in pursuit of the van.
Chloe’s parents are missing. She hasn’t seen them since they left the party in Hampstead on Friday night. She needs answers, deciding to take matters into her own hands.
A serial killer is stalking the streets of Islington in North London late at night leaving his victims in a horrific way.
The press have dubbed him the Angel Attacker.
A terrifying tale of revenge with a twist that will hit you like a sledgehammer.

What authors have said about Stuart James.
Lisa Hall, author of The Party and Between You and me: Tense and thrilling, with an ending you won’t see coming.
John Marrs, author of The Good Samaritan and The Wronged Son: Fans of Mark Edwards will very much enjoy. Definitely a
writer to look out for.
Natasha Harding, The Sun newspaper: A spooky read that will grab your attention from the very first page.
Jennifer Jayne, USA Today best selling author of Malice, Disturbed and The Stranger: Great job. Well-crafted, deliciously
twisty and kept me glued to the pages.

About Author:

Hello everyone.
Thanks for taking a look at my author page on Amazon.
I’m a psychological thriller writer and publish here on Amazon.
I have two thrillers out at the moment, The Mortuary and The House on Rectory Lane.
My new scary thriller called Turn The Other Way is available as a pre-order now and will be released on 8th February.

  • Print Length:361 pages
  • Publication Date:February 8, 2019

My Review:

Thank you The Fiction Café-Review and Stuart James for this arc copy.

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and man he keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat.  I love psychological thrillers and this one was a great read. Once I started this book I couldn’t put it down, I had to find out what was going to happen.  The book has multiple POVs and past and present chapters. Contains graphic event details.  READ THIS BOOK NOW! Stuart James’ newest thriller Turn The Other Way is an adrenaline ride with twists and turns along the way. His newest novel takes place over the past and present, as well as over several character story lines.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Thank you Stuart James for the fantastic ride! Can’t wait for your next thriller…  I am giving this 5 stars!!!!

Happy reading.

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