This Strange Hell By: C.J. Sutton (Reviewed by: Rochelle)

About Book:

A suited man runs from a burning tower in Melbourne as bodies rain down upon him.

Before the city’s millions can compose, he boards a train into the countryside. Hiding his identity and changing his appearance, the man finds his way to Sulley Ridge, a lawless town in the heart of the harsh Victorian outback.

The following day, a burned man wakes up in a hospital bed. Surging with rage, he speaks a name. Within an hour, the suited man’s face is across every screen in the country. It’s the greatest manhunt Australia has ever seen.

But as he tries to camouflage in Sulley Ridge, he soon realises the town has its own problems. Under the iron fist of a violent leader, the locals are trapped within slow and torturous decay…

As we learn more about the night of the burning tower, the connection between the suited man and the burned man threatens to leave a trail of destruction across the state.

Here is the story of a man on the run from his past, as the line between sanity and evil is danced upon.

Here is the tale of This Strange Hell

About Author

J. Sutton is a writer based in Melbourne, Australia. He holds a Master of Communication degree and supports the value of study through correspondence. His fictional writing delves into the unpredictability of the human mind and the fears that drive us. As a professional writer C.J. Sutton has worked within the hustle and bustle of newsrooms, the competitive offices of advertising and the trenches of marketing. But his interest in creating new characters and worlds has seen a move into fiction, which has always pleaded for complete attention. Dortmund Hibernate is his debut novel. This Strange Hell, his exciting new thriller, will be released on March 15.

  • Publisher: Crooked Cat Books (March 15, 2019)
  • Publication Date: March 15, 2019
  • Print Length: 369 Pages

 My Review:

Thank you The Fiction Café-Review and C. J. Sutton for this arc copy.

This is the first book that I have read from this author, and it won’t be my last.  What an awesome book.  The first chapter of this book had me wondering and from there on I could not put this book down. This is a tale of the power of fear…….of corruption, brutality and also of the strength and kindness of strangers.

I dare you to read the first chapter and not continue on… impossible.  This book was addictive and had me wondering why is he running and what are his ties to the injured man?  Little does he know that he becomes the prime suspect of the arson attack in Melbourne; and on the run now he has no choice but to stay hidden.   This is an author had me up past my bed time just so that I could read what was happening, I really enjoyed this book,  and will be looking for more from this author.   My rating on this is 5-stars.  I recommend this to all.

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Happy reading everyone.

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