Paper Dolls by: Emma Pullar (Reviewed by Rochelle)

About Book:

When a killer is on the loose, is anyone safe?

When a bizarre set of murders take place in London, three flatmates become embroiled in the terrifying mystery.

Mike, Beatrice and Kerri all share a flat and a passion to move their careers forward.  When Mike, a frustrated mime in Trafalgar Square, lays eyes on performance artist Princess, his world begins to unravel. Meanwhile, Kerri is struggling to hold onto her job as a journalist, when she stumbles across a body, which turns out to be the third victim of the Paper Doll Killer. Beatrice, who was once a bestselling author, looks to the series of murders for inspiration but finds a lot more than she bargained for.

As the three flatmates discover they each have links to the killer they start to turn on one another. Who might be next? Why does the killer paint the victim’s cheeks and lips with blood? What purpose do the paper dolls serve?

As the deranged Paper Doll Killer continues to stalk the streets of

About Author:

She was born and raised in London, England then moved to Christchurch, New Zealand when I was sixteen, where I met my Kiwi husband.  She currently lives in Kent, England.  I’m a British and New Zealand citizen and I feel fortunate to identify with both cultures.

Writing has always been my passion

  • Print Length: 236 pages
  • Publisher: Bloodhound Books (March 28, 2019)
  • Publication Date: March 28, 2019
  • Genre: Thriller


My Review:

Thank you The Fiction Café-Review, Emma Pullar and Publisher Bloodhound Books  for this arc copy.

I enjoyed this book, at first it took me awhile to get into I, has it started out slow, but once I got past the first 3 chapters I had a hard time putting it down.  I really thought I had worked out who had committed the murders but I was so wrong!  Its unique story and twist leaves you wanting more.  You will be shocked when you find out who really committed the murders.  This is a book that you don’t want to miss.

I will be definitely looking more from this author.  I like her style of writing, that kept me guessing.  I highly recommend this book.


Happy reading everyone.



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