Book versus E-books

Books versus E-books

So here is a question that I was asked from a family member, Do I like actual books or reading from Kindle / Ipad?  What do you prefer Books or e-books?

Now to answer that question I like both, I have no preference, although when I travel I do prefer the e-books as I can add as many as I want to my Kindle / Ipad, yes I have both and I usually travel with both.  I love to buy books but my book shelfs were getting full and then I asked what you do with those books that you have read?  Me personally I keep those that I really like and some I have sent to my Aunt and others I just give away.  However, most are just sitting on my bookshelf.

I decided to do a little google search and see what others thought of this topic.  There were some articles on this, and then I found one that was a catchy read, called

50 Reasons Real Books are Vastly Superior to E-Books By:  David Ferrer.  I will share a few of these, reasons and include the link to this article and you can read further.  The top 10 that I found interesting, and funny way of explaining Books versus E-books:

  1. Zombie Apocalypse Test
  2. Book Smell
  3. Focus
  4. Feel Your Progress
  5. Patience
  6. Book Marking
  7. Eye-Strain
  8. Storage
  9. Batteries Not Included
  10. No Charger Needed

I have included the link:

You can check out article, what do you think of some these reasons of Books versus E-books.   Please share your opinions.

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