Friday Vibes


When I was in middle school, we had a read a thon, through our English class.  You had to commit and get sponsors and they would pledge money and all the proceeds would go to Muscular dystrophy, and we even got to meet Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers Foot Ball Team.  Therefore, off I went to get my sponsors, which were my family and neighbors.  I liked football, I wanted to meet Franco Harris, and I read over 50 books.  As you can see I was into challenges, why back then.  Oh and I did get to meet Franco Harris.

So I’m sure that everyone has heard or started the Goodreads Challenge.  I killed it this year 54/50, and we are only in August.   I even thought about adding more to my challenge, but decided to keep it at the 50 and see how many I go above it my challenge, next year’s challenge I will up more.

Therefore, a challenge that I would like to do is an audiobook challenge.  Since it is August, I am making my challenge of this to 5 and see if I can reach that goal.  I am not a fan of audiobooks, as some that I did start the narrator was so boring.  However, I have download one called Perfect Imperfections by Taryn Leigh.  Now let the challenge begin.

Therefore, what are some of your challenges?  I would love to hear about them.  How do they work, how do you set your challenges?  Do you enjoy audiobooks?  So until the next post I hope everyone had a great week.

Happy Reading everyone!


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