Hello Thursday, its so good of you to stop by.  It’s been a long week and only one more day until its Friday, I have been busy with some of my book blog tours and learning that there are more out there to come.  I can say I am not ready for Christmas this year, I just finished decorating my house and sending out the Christmas cards.  As for shopping I have a few gifts bought.  I still have review to write and post, but I thought today I am going to this book tag.  And the one I am following is from Lauren.  Please see below for the link.

I am always on the hunt for great book tags, and this one is from Lauren at Lala’s Book Reviews. Thanks for sharing it!

Let’s check out what things I would rather do!


Read Only Trilogies or Standalones?

Definitely trilogies!  I always need more than one book to feel completely happy!

Read Only Female or Male Authors?

I am not a fan of this question, and therefore will not be answering.

Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting books on Amazon, and it’s where a VAST majority of my books come from.

All Books Becomes Movies or TV Shows?

TV shows! I love the CSI ones.

Read Five Pages Per Day or Five Books Per Week?

Five books per week! To be fair, sometimes I actually do this, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Be a Professional Reviewer or Author?

I’d have to go with an Author for this one. Someday I would love to write a book.  I guess I better get started.

Only Read Your Top Twenty Favorite Books Over and Over or Always Read New Ones That You Haven’t Read Before?

Oooh, this is easy I love to read new books and I check to see if my favorite author is coming out with a new book, but there are time that I have read one that I read before. Despite that, I will have to go with the new reads option.

Be a Librarian or Bookseller?

A bookseller. That’s basically a librarian but you get to help books find their forever homes!

Only Read Your Favorite Genre or Every Genre except Your Favorite?

Oh, definitely only read my favorite! True Crime and Psychological thriller accounts for like 80% of what I read, so it wouldn’t be terribly difficult for me.

Only Read Physical Books or E-Books?

Physical books for sure! But I forget to return them before the due date and then I have fines to pay. So most of them are eBooks.

 I tag:

Anyone who wants to join in!


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