The Essential Family Guide To Caring For Older People Book Review



No one wants to think about getting older. It’s true. At any age, when things are moving along normally day to day and everyone seems fit and well, there seems no reason to think about future problems that your friends and relatives might (and probably will) come across as they age. In fact, it might even seem a little morbid to think such thoughts, or possibly even tempting fate?

Yet there will come a time when you must raise these issues and, ideally, this should be before any problems arise. The Essential Family Guide to Caring for Older People is the ultimate source of information and help for families with care responsibilities. Deborah Stone draws on her extensive experience working in elder care to offer practical advice on every aspect of the field in-depth.

Topics range from how to get help immediately, legal information, care funding options, a guide to useful technology and advice on the main physical and mental health issues that affect older people. Plus, guidance is given on dealing with social services and ensuring you choose the right care for your situations. Crucially, the book also offers help on how to cope as a career with practical advice on juggling family, work and your caring responsibilities while looking after yourself.

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  • Paperback:288 pages
  • Publisher:Green Tree (March 3, 2020)

71bpk9+76iL._US230_Deborah Stone is a leading expert in the field of elder care. Through her website, she provides information and advice for families caring for older people, as well as advising companies on the effective development of products and services for older people. Deborah regularly appears on BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 5 as a care expert, as well as contributing to lifestyle magazines and national newspapers with advice for those making decisions about care for relatives.

Her novel, What’s Left Unsaid, won The Chill With A Book Runner Up Prize for Best Book of 2018.

Deborah’s next novel is due to be published in 2020.

My Review

I would like to thank LoveBooktours, the publishers and Deborah Stone for ARC copy of this for an honest review

I found this book very informative and helpful for a situation we all will face but never take the time to plan for. Particularly useful, I thought, were the sections on aspects of caring for older people, which recommend taking care of you, something a lot of us do not think of, but, of course, we cannot be the best careers if we are not mentally and physically healthy, too. I just wished I had known about this book before my mom passed.

Stone also takes on the family drama which can arise during the on-going illnesses of our loved ones and gives useful tips on how to navigate that.

I highly recommend this book to all families, I am giving this 5 stars.

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