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I belong to a Facebook book page called Book Connectors and stumbled upon a new author.  Her name is Joan Hugues and her book is called Growing Only Dandelions.  I was reading some of the reviews on Amazon and it has great reviews.  I downloaded a sample of it, found it interesting, and have decided to purchase it.  Once I have finished it I will give you my review on it.  If you have read please share your thoughts with me I would love to read what you thought of it.

Happy ❤Reading!



Growing Only Dandelions” is an inspirational story of a woman who has a near-death experience that propels her on a spiritual and emotional journey. This unconventional supernatural manuscript dares the reader to consider the possibility of a present and loving God through a narrative that triggers one’s imagination to question every action and inaction.Bethany, a wife and mother, is enjoying a beautiful day at the beach with her family. She falls asleep while her husband and son swim in the ocean. Awakened by the winds of an approaching storm, Bethany is alarmed by how dangerous the water has turned. She frantically searches for her family before rushing to the water and jumping into it. Bethany struggles against the treacherous waters and slams her head against a reef on the ocean’s floor. Falling unconscious, Bethany says “I never saw a more brilliant light.”Bethany opens her eyes in heaven and her spiritual and emotional journey begins. She is escorted through a long corridor by a man insisting that she must see “Him” right away. They swiftly walk alongside an endless stream of people shuffling forward slowly in a single filed line. Some of them are curious and reach out their arms to touch the woman being chaperoned to the front of the line. Upon contact, their “ugliness” (i.e., personal, shameful life event) is revealed to Bethany. A person calls out to her by name. Bethany recognizes that it is the voice of her estranged father. Her hatred towards him is palpable. He steps off the line and touches her wrist transporting her mind back in time to when her “ugliness” started as a young child from his abuse. Throughout the novel, Bethany is transported back in time to those milestone moments in her life that shaped her own “ugliness”. Growing Only Dandelions highlights the presence of God through strategically placed relationships, purposely left “signs” and guardian angels, all of which are gifted to us through his grace.

  • Print Length:174 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage:Unlimited
  • Publication Date:November 27, 2018
  • Sold by:Amazon Digital Services LLC

Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

Amazon offers a FREE kindle application so you are able to Read

🌼Growing Only Dandelions directly from your phone.

You can purchase it HERE


You can also follow Joan Hugues on social media:

2 thoughts on “New Author Shout Out

  1. Thank you so much for shining a spotlight on my novel Growing only Dandelions !! I really appreciate the positive support and look forward to discussing my novel with you.


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