Isla’s Inscryption By: John Mackley (Reviewed by Rochelle)

About Book:

When her mother died, Isla Royle believed she was alone in the world – the only child of an only child. These certainties are turned upside down at the Funeral Home when Isla meets Arthur Edmunds who claims to be her grandfather. Edmunds offers her respite from her grief by inviting her to his manorial home in Suffolk where her ancestry is apparently linked to local legend. Here she is offered a life of affluence and comfort – a life which her mother abandoned. But overwhelmed by grief and new experiences, Isla’s mind begins to play tricks on her putting herself and her new family in terrible danger.

About Author:

Jon Mackley is Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Writing at the University of Northampton and Assistant Adjunct Professor of Fantasy Literature at Richmond University, the American International University in London. He studied a degree in English Studies at the University of Stirling and a Master’s Degree and PhD in Medieval Studies at the University of York. His novels include Crossing the Threshold (2011), Twisting Fate’s Arm (2012), Heaven’s Devils (2013) and The Gawain Legacy (2014). He has also published an academic study of the Latin and Anglo-Norman versions of the Legend of St Brendan (2008) and a Bilingual edition of the Anglo-Norman version (2012), and a bilingual edition of the foundation legend The Origin of the Giants (2014). He has edited a gothic novel which was published in 1802 and which was influenced by the work of Ann Radcliffe entitled Who’s the Murderer? by Eleanor Sleath. He has also contributed essays to London Gothic (edited by Phillips and Witchard) and New Critical Essays on H.P. Lovecraft (edited by David Simmons)

  • Paperback:  290 pages
  • Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publication Date: September 1, 2018
  • Genre: Mild supernatural and Mild Horror

My Review:  

Thank you The Fiction Café-Review and John Mackley for this arc.

This the first book that I read by this author, and I have to say WOW loved this book, it had me guessing and still trying to figure out all the secrets, mysteries and family secrets of the Edmunds.

I like how the author gradually builds up what we know of Islas life before the present time and how her troubled life plays trick with her imagination.  There were times that I could not put this book down as I wanted to see how it was going to play out.  I loved it and I can’t wait to share and recommend this book.  I will be on the lookout for more from this author.       What an awesome read.

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Her Last Move By: John Marrs (Reviewed by Rochelle)

About Book:

She’s chasing a killer. He’s watching her every move.

He hides in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment. Each kill is calculated, planned and executed like clockwork.

Struggling to balance her personal and professional life, young DS Becca Vincent has landed the biggest case of her career—and she knows that it will make or break her. But she can’t catch the culprit alone. Together with facial recognition expert Joe Russell, she strives to get a lead on the elusive murderer, who is always one step ahead of them.

Time is not on their side. The body count is rising, and the attacks are striking closer and closer to home. Can Becca and Joe uncover the connection between the murders before the killer strikes the last name from his list?

About Author:

John Marrs is the author of The One, The Good Samaritan, When You Disappeared, and Welcome to Wherever You Are.

A freelance journalist based in London, England, he has spent the past twenty years interviewing celebrities from the world of television, film and music for national newspapers and magazines.

He has written for publications including the Guardian’s Guide and Guardian Online, Total Film, Huffington Post, Empire, Q, GT, the Independent, S Magazine and Company.

  • Publisher:Thomas & Mercer
  • Expected to be Published:(8 Nov. 2018)
  • Genre: Thriller

My Review:

Thank you NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for this arc.

After seeing some reviews of this book on The Fiction Café Review Club and The Fiction Café Book Club, I set out to find this book, Thanks to Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer Publisher; I received an ARC copy of this book.  Wow what a great book.  Becca is the main character and has landed her first big case of her career. But she knows that she can’t do it alone so she teams up with facial recognition expert Joe Russell.  I found that this book was always leading you up to the next event and had be on the edge of my seat.  Her Last Move is another suspenseful page turner from this author. Right from the first page the action starts and never lets up.

Wow what a great book, I will follow up with a full review after November 2018; once the book has been published.

I will be looking for more from this author.

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The Lying Game By: Ruth Ware (Reviewed by Rochelle)

About Book:

From the instant New York Times bestselling author of blockbuster thrillers In a Dark, Dark Wood and The Woman in Cabin 10 comes Ruth Ware’s chilling new novel, The Lying Game.

On a cool June morning, a woman is walking her dog in the idyllic coastal village of Salten along a tidal estuary known as the Reach. Before she can stop him, the dog charges into the water to retrieve what first appears to be a wayward stick, but to her horror, turns out to be something much more sinister…

The next morning, three women in and around London—Fatima, Thea, and Isabel—receive the text they had always hoped would NEVER come, from the fourth in their formerly inseparable clique, Kate, that says only, “I need you.”

The four girls were best friends at Salten, a second rate boarding school set near the cliffs of the English Channel. Each different in their own way, the four became inseparable and were notorious for playing the Lying Game, telling lies at every turn to both fellow boarders and faculty, with varying states of serious and flippant nature that were disturbing enough to ensure that everyone steered clear of them. The myriad and complicated rules of the game are strict: no lying to each other—ever. Bail on the lie when it becomes clear it is about to be found out. But their little game had consequences, and the girls were all expelled in their final year of school under mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of the school’s eccentric art teacher, Ambrose (who also happens to be Kate’s father).

Atmospheric, twisty, and with just the right amount of chill that will keep you wrong-footed—which has now become Ruth Ware’s signature style—The Lying Game is sure to be her next big bestseller. Another unputdownable thriller from the Agatha Christie of our time.

About Author:

Ruth Ware grew up in Sussex, on the south coast of England. After graduating from Manchester University she moved to Paris, before settling in North London. She has worked as a waitress, a bookseller, a teacher of English as a foreign language and a press officer, and is The New York Times bestselling author of In a Dark, Dark WoodThe Woman in Cabin 10, The Lying Game, and The Death of Mrs. Westaway. She is married with two small children. Visit her at or follow her on Twitter @RuthWareWriter.

  • Publisher:  Gallery/Scout Press; First American Edition edition
  • Published:  (July 25, 2017)
  • Genre:  Thriller, Mystery Thriller
  • Pages:  384

Quote from the book:

“A lie can outlast any truth.”

“You’re never an ex-addict, you’re just an addict who hasn’t had a fix in a while.”

My Review:

This book had me from start to finish, I’m glad to see Ruth Ware delivering again. My favorite thing about Ruth Ware’s books is her ability to create tension and hold me on the edge of my seat

The book tells the story of four friends who met in a boarding school when they were teenagers. They played “the lying game” until something happened and they were withdrawn from the school. Seventeen years later the last lie they told has come to haunt them.

The novel takes place in London and also in an English coastal town. The story is narrated by Isa Wilde, one of the four friends and alternates between the present and the past.

This book kept me up at night, just to find out what was going to happen.  I really enjoy all of Ruth Ware’s book and I can’t wait to get her new book The Death of Mrs. Westaway.

If you read The Woman in Cabin 10 or In a Dark, Dark Wood than you’ll probably like this one.

♥ Chao Chao! xoxo. 

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The Perfect Friend By: Barbara Copperthwaite (Reviewed by Rochelle)

About Book:

She’ll do anything for you…

My name is Alex, and my world has been shattered.
My husband has left me.
My children won’t speak to me.
My friend Carrie is the only person I have.
She’s the only one I can trust to keep all my secrets.
She’d never do anything to let me down.
Would she?

This dark, gripping psychological thriller will have you holding your breath until the very last page. Fans of Behind Closed Doors, Sometimes I Lie, and The Girl on the Train will be captivated.

About Author:

What people say about Barbara’s books:
“Will have you looking over your shoulder and under your bed… Original, gripping, with a deep psychological impact,” Sunday Mirror
“Enthralling, tense and moving,” Real People magazine
“Totally gripping, and scarily believable,” Bella magazine

Barbara is the Amazon and USA Today bestselling author of psychological thrillers INVISIBLE, FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD, THE DARKEST LIES, and HER LAST SECRET. Her latest book is THE PERFECT FRIEND.

More importantly, she loves cakes, wildlife photography and, last but definitely not least, her two dogs, Scamp and Buddy (who force her to throw tennis balls for them for hours).
Having spent over twenty years as a national newspaper and magazine journalist, Barbara has interviewed the real victims of crime – and also those who have carried those crimes out. She is fascinated by creating realistic, complex characters, and taking them apart before the readers’ eyes in order to discover just how much it takes to push a person over a line.

When not writing feverishly, she is often found hiding behind a camera, taking wildlife photographs.

  • Paperback: 308 pages
  • Publisher: Bookouture (July 5, 2018)
  • Genre:  Crime, Thriller, Suspense

My Review:

Thank you NetGalley, Bookouture and the author, Barbara Copperthwaitefor my free ARC in exchange for my honest review.

This is a tricky one to review as I don’t want to give anything away as the book is full of twists and turns.     This is a great book and it was my first book by Copperthwaite, but several reviewers who’ve read her other work say that readers should always expect twists and secrets and lies. And boy, were they right!!!

I was hooked from the beginning and could wait to see what was going to happen.  There were times that I was reading this before I went to bed and I kept telling myself you must go to sleep you have work in the morning, but I just kept reading.

I will be looking for more from this author.

Happy Reading every one

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The Sun is Also a Star By: Nicola Yoon (Reviewed by Rochelle)

About Book:

Natasha: I’m a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Or dreams that will never come true. I’m definitely not the kind of girl who meets a cute boy on a crowded New York City street and falls in love with him. Not when my family is twelve hours away from being deported to Jamaica. Falling in love with him won’t be my story.

Daniel: I’ve always been the good son, the good student, living up to my parents’ high expectations. Never the poet. Or the dreamer. But when I see her, I forget about all that. Something about Natasha makes me think that fate has something much more extraordinary in store—for both of us.

The Universe: Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment. A million futures lie before us. Which one will come true?

The #1 New York Times Bestseller
A National Book Award Finalist
A 2017 Michael L. Printz Honor Book

Beautifully crafted.”–People Magazine

“A book that is very much about the many factors that affect falling in love, as much as it is about the very act itself . . . fans of Yoon’s first novel, Everything Everything, will find much to love—if not, more—in what is easily an even stronger follow up.” —Entertainment Weekly

Transcends the limits of YA as a human story about falling in love and seeking out our futures.” —

NominationsNational Book Award for Young People’s Literature,

Goodreads Choice Awards Best Young Adult Fiction

About Author:

Nicola Yoon grew up in Jamaica (the island) and Brooklyn (part of Long Island). She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and daughter, both of whom she loves beyond all reason.

  • 384 pages
  • Publisher:Delacorte Press
  • November 1, 2016
  • Genres: Fiction, Romance Novel

My Review:

This was a nice little book with a sweet story. A great book for a simple escape.

Lots of chapters. Lots of SHORT chapters. I LOVE SHORT CHAPTERS! I needed a book with short chapters since I am currently reading (or have recently read) some books with loooooooog chapters.

I enjoyed this as much as Everything Everything. Looks like I can continue to count on Yoon for a simple getaway.

This book deals with two main characters Natasha and her family are undocumented immigrants; they’re being deported from the US in twelve hours, so she’s headed to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services building hoping to find a way to stay in America.

Daniel is on the precipice of the prestigious future his parents have lined up for him whether he likes it or not, and he’s on his way to a college admission interview with a Yale alum. When Natasha and Daniel meet for the first time in New York City, their paths align and their futures – once certain – spiral into infinite possible outcomes.

This book is for everyone. For dreamers and disbelievers. For lovers and those who have given up hope. It is a book that shows us the challenges that some face that we might never know and most of all, sometimes being able to follow our dreams or needing to accept our reality.

I enjoyed this book and will look forward to the movie that they are working on and will continue to look for more books from this author.

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