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🌼Well here, it is Tuesday, and July is flying by and in two days it will be August.  Hope you all are having a great Tuesday.  So what is everyone reading?  I have started the Spilled Milk by: K. L. Randis.  (You Can Purchase it HERE)  So far it’s very interesting and I want to sit and read it, but I must work.

I had posted a few post back about the Goodreads 2019Book challenge, I have hit my fifty books for the year.  My question was do you up your 2019 Book Challenge; or do you just keep reading for the year and see how many books you read past your goal?  I have decided to leave mine at the 50 and see how far I go past it and next year I will up it more.

I am also working on my reviews for the past books that I have read.  I hope to have those ready later this week.  Until my next blog post I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and a great week.


Happy Reading everyone!




Another Monday in the Books

🌼Good Morning and welcome to my little book corner, where I can read, review and just be happy with all of my books.

Yeah! I have made it with another post of this, Its Monday what are you reading? A place to meet up and show what you have been reading over the week.

It’s an opportunity to visit and comment and er… add to your groaning TBR pile! So welcome in everyone. This meme started on J Kaye’s blog and then was hosted by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn here at The Book Date.  So I thought I would try it and see if I could keep up with it and share what I am reading and planning on reading.

🌼What I read last week: 










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🌼What I am reading now: 


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🌼Up next: 


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I am a little behind with my reviews, I will be working on those this week and hope to get them all done.




229a24b45ab371c5bc8155599a739ebeOh I am so glad that it’s Friday, it’s been one of those weeks and I had a lot going on and to top it all off my phone got stolen.  So has you can see I’ve had a rough week.I had so many post that I wanted to get posted but nope.   I hope that you all had a great week.


I am currently reading The Lost Girls by: Helen Pryke and what am awesome read so far.

I am really enjoying it, there are times that I have to make myself to put the book down and turn in for the night.  I have two reviews that I need to be, done also.  What’s everyone Reading, Reviewing?

You Can Purchase it HERE

I hope you have a great weekend and I hope to get all of my reviews done and finish what I am reading.

Happy Reading everyone



Last Review Caught Up

Good Morning and Welcome to my little corner in the Web Cloud

Happy Tuesday, hope you all are have a great summer.  I can finally say that I am; all caught up on my reviews and training at work is completed.  Now on to more reading.

Now on to the final review!


Title:  Cheerleading Can Be Murder

Author:  Carissa Ann Lynch

Date of Publication:  April 5, 2016

Publisher:  Limitless Publishing LLC

Format:  e-book

Print Length:  226

You can Purchase it HereAbout Carissa Ann Lynch

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Cheerleading Can Be Murder (Horror High Series Book 1)

Getting on the cheerleading squad is hard enough without a psycho on the loose…

For Harrow High freshman Dakota Densford, life should be easy. All she has to worry about is talking to cute boys and remembering her locker combination. But when cheerleading tryouts draw near, she learns the cards are stacked against her—spots on the varsity team are limited. Dakota faces her competition head-on, but when her life is threatened, that takes the competition to a whole new level.

High school is never easy, and freshman year is off to a rough start…

Between Dakota’s uniform being ripped up and masked vandals trashing another girl’s house, everyone is suspect. To complicate matters further, Dakota has a thing for Andy McGraw, but she finds him locking lips with another girl.

The harassment continues, and when Dakota finds suspicious flyers inside her best friend’s locker, she doesn’t know what to think. The principal’s unfeeling, overachiever daughter, Brittani Barlow, will do anything to secure her place on the team. But Dakota’s neighbor, on the other hand, definitely fits the profile of a sociopath.

Cheerleading has become a game of life and death.



About Carissa Ann Lynch

Carissa Ann Lynch is the USA TODAY Bestselling author of My Sister is Missing, Without a Trace, the Flocksdale Files trilogy, Horror High series, Searching for Sullivan, 13 anthology, Twisted anthology, Shades and Shadows, Midinight Moss, and This Is Not About Love. She resides in Floyds Knobs, Indiana.

🌺 My Thoughts 🌺

I have heard and seen people talking about this author and some of her books.  The one book that I seen a lot talking about was With Out A Trace.  I went on to my Kindle Unlimited and didn’t see that one to read for free but seen  Cheerleading Can Be Murder, so I thought why not give it a try.  This book was a great read and kept me interested in the story line and there were times that I had to make myself put the book down.

The book opens with a graphic passage and a great hook (a psychopathic teenager ready to kill) that will stick with you. Thoughts of how death smells mean you may never think of meat without thinking of bodies again.

Cheerleading Can Be Murder is a little different in that the story is set in a high school environment with characters that lead a typical high school life- until someone starts terrorizing the newly-formed cheerleading squad. The writing is so intricate with hints sprinkled in to keep you guessing. I seriously had no less than 3 suspects in my mind at any given time- and those 3 revolved and changed repeatedly throughout the book.

I love a story that can keep me guessing and this author never fails me in that regard. The Sociopath could have been anyone and I would have believed it. That’s how great this story is. I am very eagerly anticipating the next book!!

🌼If you are looking for a great Sociopath read, this one is for you.  I recommend this and I am giving it 5 stars.

Hello Monday

🌺 Hello

And welcome to my little corner, it’s hot and humid here in Florida.  I can’t wait for the cooler weather, which we don’t get often, but when we do I’ll take it.

Yeah I have made it with the fifth post of this, Its Monday what are you reading? A place to meet up and show what you have been reading over the week.

It’s an opportunity to visit and comment and er… add to your groaning TBR pile! So welcome in everyone. This meme started on J Kaye’s blog and then was hosted by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn here at The Book Date.  So I thought I would try it and see if I could keep up with it and share what I am reading and planning on reading.

What I read last week: 


Both of these were great books!

What I am reading now: 


 Up next:  Flowers for the Dead by:  Barbara Copperthwaite



Hello Hello and welcome to my Book blog corner.  It’s the weekend and it’s a day that I can craft and relax with a good book.  I have so many craft projects that I want to work on and then there are so many books to read on my TBR list.  I think I need a longer weekend.

I am currently reading The Brammle Cutters by Simon Henry. 

I am hoping to finish this book and one more to keep up with my Monday’s Post of What are you reading.

How did your week go?  What are you reading?  What did you finish?

Have a great weekend everyone.  See you on Monday!

New Author

New Author shout out.

18986680I stumble across this author on a Facebook book group that I belong too. I wanted to learn more about his book The Brammle Cutters Kindle Edition.  I reached out to the author and he sent me a copy of his book.  Below is a little information that I found about Simon.

Simon is a new author, an independent writer, who picked up his pen / began typing once the confidence to do so was given him by his closest ally (she knows who she is). He currently has 5 other stories quietly slumbering in their tiny storage receptacles along the periphery of his imagination, plus plenty of others he does not even know exist yet.


Here are a few questions that some readers asked him on his Goodreads account

How do you deal with writer’s block? 

Sleep on it. Don’t despair – the feeling will come back – have a couple of days off. For me, it was even a couple of weeks in January (after the Christmas hubbub) when I’d begun to despair of even finishing the book.

How do you get inspired to write? 

I have a restless imagination. Little things catch my eye & mind. Much is worth noting. Story ideas and plot lines grow like seedlings.

What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

Read lots. Enjoy the stories and then reflect on the literary techniques that have been employed. See how they all work together to create the whole thing.

Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?

The earliest moment I can remember was returning home over the hill between the two main towns near us. As you crest the hill, there is a sudden view that is the moment I feel I’m nearly home (I think many locals agree). I knew I wanted that view to be part of a story. Then another time, I was fighting back the brambles that encroach into our garden from the wasteland beside us. It occurred to me that the annual battle with them was another story-worthy idea.


I am now reading it and I have to say I am only about 20% in the book and I am loving how he writes about the character and how makes them feel like they are there with you.

Once I finish the book, I will give it my honest review.


You can purchase it HERE:




You can follow Simon Henry on Social Media




Happy Reading and enjoy the rest of your week!

Friday Start of the weekend

It’s Friday and the start of the weekend.

I am hoping to finish two books that I have started.  Let see how that goes!  I am caught up on all of my reviews so that’s a good start.

And good news, I am 6 books ahead of schedule on my good reads.  I choose a goal of 50 and I am at 47.  What do you all do when you reach your goal?  Do you add more to it?  Or just leave it and see how many you read past the goal.   I am still deciding what I will do on this.

I am half way done with the The Brammle Cutters by:  Simon Henry 

The author is new for me, and I really am liking his style of writing.  I should have this book done by the weekend and will share my thoughts on this book.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and Happy Reading everyone



Truth And Lies #Caroline Mitchell

Boom!  I am on a roll!  One fabulous read after the other.  In addition, this one is another new author for me.


Title:  Truth And Lies

Author:  Caroline Mitchell

Date of Publication:  August 30, 2019

Publisher:  Thomas & Mercer

Format:  e-book

Number of Pages:  344

Meet Amy Winter: Detective Inspector, daughter of a serial killer.

You can purchase HERE:

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You can also follow Caroline Mitchell on social media:





About Book:

DI Amy Winter is hoping to follow in the footsteps of her highly respected police officer father. But when a letter arrives from the prison cell of Lillian Grimes, one half of a notorious husband-and-wife serial-killer team, it contains a revelation that will tear her life apart.

Responsible for a string of heinous killings decades ago, Lillian is pure evil. A psychopathic murderer. And Amy’s biological mother. Now, she is ready to reveal the location of three of her victims—but only if Amy plays along with her twisted game.

While her fellow detectives frantically search for a young girl taken from her mother’s doorstep, Amy must confront her own dark past. Haunted by blurred memories of a sister who sacrificed herself to save her, Amy faces a race against time to uncover the missing bodies.

But what if, from behind bars, Grimes has been pulling the strings even tighter than Amy thought? And can she overcome her demons to prevent another murder?




About Caroline Mitchell

New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post and International #1 Bestselling Author. Shortlisted by the International Thriller Awards for best ebook 2017 and the Killer Nashville Best Police Procedural 2018. Over three-quarters of a million books sold.

Caroline originates from Ireland and now lives with her family in a village on the coast of Essex. A former police detective, she has worked in CID and specialised in roles dealing with vulnerable victims, high-risk victims of domestic abuse, and serious sexual offences. She now writes full time.

Caroline writes psychological and crime thrillers. The most recent, Silent Victim reached No.1 in the Amazon charts in the UK, USA and Australia. It has been described as ‘brilliantly gripping and deliciously creepy’.

Set in Notting Hill, London, her new DI Amy Winter thriller, Truth and Lies, is published by Thomas & Mercer.

My Thoughts:

This is the first book by Caroline Mitchell that I have read and she is a good writer.  I like her style and my interest keeps me until the end.

This is a story of survival, of seeking the truth and living with the lies – the subject matter is timely: child abuse, domestic violence and mental illness. Caroline has written these story lines in a way that affect each other.

The reader can sympathize with DI Amy Winter- the trauma she endured at such a young age and how that affects her as an adult. Caroline’s characters come to life and you care about them…Amy, Paddy, Molly, Pike, Dougie and Hermione. You even care about the villain – Lillian – she is such a hate-filled and manipulative woman – she has no conscience.

I thought this was a good book. Some of the things in the book were hard to read. There were some chapters that were a little long and hard to follow but it kept my interest and I was hoping to find out more about Amy. The author next book is out.  I have downloaded it, now just to find the time to read it.

I recommend this book and I am giving it 5 Stars.

Up next for review is: Cheerleading Can Be Murder by:  Carissa Ann Lynch


Wednesday Half Way Through

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Hi everyone! I hope you have all had good weeks this week.  It’s Wednesday and we are half way through the week.  And can you believe that we are half way through the year.  Where has the time gone?

I need to write up my two reviews on the books that I have just finished, I hope to get those done within the next few days.  I am also looking into a new format of my blog, just to freshen it up a little.

What is everybody reading, reviewing?  I have finished Truth And Lies by: Caroline Mitchell Cheerleading Can Be Murder by: Carissa Ann Lynch.  Reviews to follow shortly.

I belong to a Facebook Book Page and seen this author talking about his book, I looked into the name of it and I am now reading The Brammle Cutters by: Simon Henry.    So far, it’s an interesting read.

Have a great day and until the next post happy reading everyone!