Cover Reveal of Crownless

Hello and welcome to my little corner. Today is another cover reveal and I must say its beautiful.

by M. H. Woodscourt
Publication date: Spring 2021
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

A fugitive storyteller running out of time. A prince hiding from his mother. A kingdom on the brink of collapse. A search for a world of magic.

Convinced his tales are true, storyteller Jinji is determined to find the legendary fae realm of Shinac to save his world from a dread lord trying to cross over—before a fatal illness ends Jinji’s life.

Prince Jetekesh is caught between a controlling mother and his affection for his dying father—until he’s kidnapped and forced to journey with a delusional storyteller and a motley band of fugitives in search of a myth.

Hunted by the queen, hindered by a malady, and invaded by an enemy empire, Jinji and Jetekesh race across a crumbling kingdom to find the alleged gate between worlds.

But even if Shinac exists, how can a humble storyteller and deposed prince hope to stand against a devastating evil?


AUTHOR BIO: Writer of fantasy, magic weaver, dragon rider! Having spent the past 20 years devotedly writing fantasy, it’s safe to say M. H. Woodscourt is now more fae than human.

Her published titles include The Crow King, book one of her YA/High Fantasy Wintervale series, A Liar in Paradise and Key of Paradise of her YA/Portal Fantasy Paradise series, as well as October Cove, an Urban Fantasy novella.

All of her fantasy worlds connect with each other in a broad Universe, forged with love, sadism, and no small measure of blood, sweat, and tears. When she’s not writing, she’s napping or reading a book with a mug of hot cocoa close at hand.

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Happy reading everyone.



New Thrillers Coming This Spring

Hello and welcome are you looking for some new spring reading ideas.  Check out this blog that I follow its called Ludwig’s Thrillers and he has some great books listed.  I have already have some that I want to read on hold at my local library. 

Click on the below link and it will take you to his blog.  You don’t want to miss this one. 

11 Most-Anticipated Thrillers Coming This Spring

Titles included:

Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica (May 18th)

The Drowning Kind by Jennifer McMahon (April 6th)

Hairpin Bridge by Taylor Adams (June 15th)

The Disappearing Act by Catherine Steadman (June 8th)

The Perfect Daughter by DJ Palmer (July 6th)

Finding Tessa by Jaime Lynn Hendricks (May 11th)

The Lost Village by Camilla Sten (March 23rd)

What You Never Knew by Jessica Hamilton (April 13th)

The Last One Home by Victoria Helen Stone (March 30th)

Mirrorland by Carole Johnstone (April 20th)

All the Little Things by Sarah Lawton (March 25th)

He has some great books, that you can add to your TBR shelf.  I know the TBR shelf just got larger.  

Check out his page click on the link below:

Have you read any of these or are you planning on reading any of them?   If so what have your read and what are your thoughts, I would love to hear them.

Happy reading everyone.



April May Fall Cover Reveal

Hello and welcome to Friday! Yes we have made it through the week. I hope that you all had a great week.

April May Fall
by Christina Hovland
Published by: Entangled: Amara
Publication date: October 26th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


April May totally has her life in order. Ha. Not really. Yes, she’s the Calm Mom—a social influencer with a reputation for showing moms how to stay calm and collected through yoga, even when life is going totally off script. But behind the scenes, she’s barely holding it all together. Raising tiny humans alone is exhausting. Her kids aren’t behaving, her husband left her for his skydiving instructor, and her top knot proves she hasn’t showered in days.

Jack Gibson has one job—to ensure the media conglomerate that has purchased April’s brand makes money from it. Lots and lots of money. To do this, they’re expanding her influence from Instagram and her blog to a podcast and MyTube channel. There’s even talk about a Calm Mom cookbook.

When a video of the supposed-to-be calm April goes viral and she’s not calm—At. All—Jack is pulled in to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Suddenly, the guy with no intention to ever have children is lost in the land of the tooth fairy and toddler tea parties. When sparks fly between Mr. Mogul and the Calm Mom, he’s not the only one out of his depth. Together they’ll have to figure out if keeping it all together really can lead to happily ever after…Goodreads

AUTHOR BIO:USA Today Bestselling Author Christina Hovland lives her own version of a fairy tale–an artisan chocolatier by day and romance writer by night. Born in Colorado, Christina received a degree in journalism from Colorado State University. Before opening her chocolate company, Christina’s career spanned from the television newsroom to managing an award-winning public relations firm. She’s a recovering overachiever and perfectionist with a love of cupcakes and dinner she doesn’t have to cook herself. A 2017 Golden Heart® finalist, she lives in Colorado with her first-boyfriend-turned-husband, four children, and the sweetest dogs around.

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I would like to thank Xpresso Book Tours for having me reveal the cover of Christina’s new book. I will be on the look out for this one.

Happy reading everyone.